My story begins, as most certainly do, when I was a child. I’m told that from the early age of two I’ve had an inordinate fixation with all things nature. This fascination has influenced nearly every aspect of my life ever since. It’s no wonder then that I chose to become a Wildlife Biologist. One thing has led to another and here I am running around the world, studying the local fauna, and pursuing this hobby-turn-career of being a professional wildlife photographer.

Presently, my photography has taken me to the remote island of Con Dao, Vietnam. A little-known archipelago off the Southeast coast of Vietnam, 85km from Ho Chi Minh City. Here, my girlfriend and proprietor of Ash Wisco Photography, are working with The Biodiversity Group, CHANGE, the Con Dao National Park, Senses Diving, Six Senses Resort, and the local community to better conserve this unique island. This entails documenting the astounding fish and coral diversity, describing new reptile and amphibian morphs, and educating and inspiring the locals to appreciate the natural world around them.

Wherever I travel, I attempt to capture illustrative photos of exotic creatures that have never had digital photographs taken of them. By doing so, my travels can serve an important role in filling the gaps in the scientific community’s stock photo libraries of rarely seen creatures. These photos are also published in field guides, magazines, and provided to various conservation agencies for educational purposes. The other, more attractive, side of NatureStills is to exhibit my more creative animal and landscape portraits to make them available for digital purchase, as well as canvas and aluminum prints. You can also find me on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you have any questions regarding licensing my photos, prints or comments, please email me at trageser.scott@gmail.com. If there is a specific subject you are looking to see, and do not currently see it on my site, please inquire as well.