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Sea of Cortez-2.jpg

Islas de Sonora México

Jacques Cousteau once described the Sea of Cortez as the "world's aquarium" and the "Galapagos of North America." I would, in turn, describe the Galapagos as the Sea of Cortez of the Pacific, but I am biased. The Gulf of Mexico is hands-down one of my favorite destinations in the world. Animal diversity abounds in an almost mystical abundance here! In this expedition we traveled to 3 of the 4 main islands belonging to the state of Sonora. This gallery has a mix of marine and terrestrial photos...only barely scraping the surface of the immense diversity to be had.
Oaxacan Small-headed Rattlesnake (Crotalus intermedius gloydi).jpg

Oaxacan Highlands

An expedition into the highlands of Oaxaca México. This land was dominated by tropical oaks and pines; weighed down by epiphytes like the giant tank bromeliads. These remote highlands were a unique and beautiful habitat with tons of amazing creatures to boot!

Canadian Arctic

Summer in the Canadian Arctic offers an abundance of lush scenery, snow capped peaks, and charismatic mammals preparing themselves for another long winter. Inside you will find a series of photos following a 3 week trip departing from Seattle and taking me deep into the northern reaches of the Canadian wilderness.
Social Feather Duster-(Bispira brunnea).jpg

Virgin Wildlife

America's Caribbean is where I get to call home now. The Virgin Islands are host to some amazingly healthy reefs, scenic vistas everywhere you turn, and unlimited photographic possibilities...I'm in heaven! Here is a gallery of some of my favorite shots from around the islands.